Why Conformal Cooling Makes sense

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Time is money in the modern economy. In the injection molding industry, the length of the overall cycle time is typically governed by the cooling phase. This could be due to factors such as controlled cooling rate requirements or parts failing to meet a safe ejection temperature. Due to the fact that it is possible to develop complex channels near the part surface and in hard-to-reach areas, potential reduction in cooling times and general enhancements in part quality can now be realized.

Benefits of Conformal Cooling Design

When additive manufacturing is employed in conformal cooling, the designs can be complex (e.g. with contours along the part surface) and can now potentially be constructed quicker than in conventional machining.This is even more true in multi-cavity molds, in which additive manufacturing is already used extensively to develop conformal cooling channels.

Apart from understanding the way in which conformal cooling can help potentially shorten cycle time, minimize mold build time, and enhance part quality; the use of plastic simulation software can also help provide a relative value in ascertaining the reduction of cycle time and in the enhancement of part quality, such as distortion. Figure 1 illustrates ways in which manufacturers can analyze direct temperature comparisons (using the Moldex3D tool) to identify the cooling efficiency and uniformity between a traditional and a conformal spiral cooling channel. In contrast to the conformal cooling design, traditional cooling design constraints result in inefficient and non-uniform removal of heat from the insert and the part.

 Conformal Cooling


In conclusion, there has been rapid progress in the use of existing technologies, such as additive manufacturing or vacuum brazing, that have allowed manufacturers to develop complex water designs that help minimize cycle time and enhance part quality. The use of conformal cooling design in conjunction with simulation software can help demonstrate the validity of conformal cooling in injection molding and determine potential ROI.

Copar can provide conformal cavity solutions through metal 3d printing partners. Our partners in Europe can deliver the 3d printed models within some days, with a shortlead time; and keeping investment through careful budgeting .



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