What is Nitriding?

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Nitriding is a low temperature surface hardening treatment of steel by diffusion of Nitrogen atoms to form Intermetallic compounds called Nitrides.
Most steels will Nitride but the greater the alloy content the higher the hardness obtained; the higher the alloy content of the steel the slower the case deposition rate.

What to Nitride?
•Wear possibility

•High load
•In contact with nitrided part

Why to Nitride?
•Increase surface hardness
•Increase surface lubricity
•Increase wear resistance
•Increase Fatigues strength
•Increase cracks resistance

Compound Layer
Compound or “White Layer” is the Nitrogen saturated surface of the steel which develops during Nitriding. It can be very useful to improve lubricity and corrosion resistance if well managed. It can lead to premature failure and poor surface finish if it is not!

• Decrease friction


• The surface is hard and tough, combined with good wear resistance.
• The fatigue strength is increased during nitriding by 30 to 100%
• The corrosion resistance is somewhat higher and with nitriding followed by oxidation much higher
• The resistance against abrasive and adhesive wear is good.

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