The essence of management in mold making

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In the current technological era, the challenge of the mold making industries is to ensure a high manufacturing quality, while maintaining a short lead time for the mold project. Being a part of the red ocean market, a market with fierce competition, management of mold manufacturing facilities are taking steps to enhance their abilities and efficiency, yet still face the problem of managing large data quantities. Due to the increased complexity of the plastic part designs, their testing and manufacturing data, management departments are trying to abandon their traditional ways to be able to sustain the high pressure imposed by both national and international competitors, and by their customers who also own corporations that are competing in another red ocean market (Lee et al, 2008).

Copar, being a leading company in the mold manufacturing industry of the Middle East, is starting to implement a unique system of standardization using specified templates for mold design, mold manufacturing, and mold testing (Figure 1). These new standardization forms and templates help the team detect errors during the early stages of the process, thus mitigating the risk of future setbacks that may sometimes lead to the inquiry of additional hefty costs … (to be continued)

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