The essence of management in mold making (Part 2)

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The importance of the template approach in the mold making industry has been highlighted by the previous article. Due to its various advantages, COPAR has been making fantastic effort collaborating with its management department and international experts to create the most efficient templates specifically the for mold design, mold manufacturing, and mold testing. Such templates will tend to smoothen the communication process between the company and the customers when it comes to technical data required to initialize the basic mold design. The complete process of mold making is considered a work of art which depends heavily on the expertise of the personnel present across departments. This leads to the constant travel from such personnel to install the mold and make decisions in order to approve certain aspects of the mold project. However, in the current competitive market, this ideology is started to prove ineffective, thus management is starting to shift towards atemplate based approach in order to clarify the entire process especially for those having less experience. Consequently, the template approach is being adopted to support the proposed framework as this approach could enable users to understand what information is required of them and what information can be obtained from the databases without the need of having a fully technical capability. This induces more automation in the mold making processes, thus increasing the efficiency and maintaining a safe lead time on the project. Therefore, management should widen their scope and look at their projects with more detail and professionalism, so that it obtains an efficient process with minimal risks of error, and ultimately follow the IMIPIMI framework.


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The essence of management in mold making