Mold Trial Check List

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The mold designer and mold maker sometimes made mistakes, any small mistakes could lead to major damage of the injection mold, the purpose of moldtryout is to find out any potential defects and ensure the mold perform stable and efficiency during molding production. If the tryout process did not follow reasonable procedures and make the appropriate records, then we cannot guarantee smooth production, this could cause serious problem, it means much higher cost or even delay for mass production.Mold maker usually stick to a list to achieve a high quality mold and a perfect shaped sample that insures the satisfaction of the customer.

Check list of mold is followed:

1) Is the mold clean?
2) Is the mold faces free from corrosion?
3) Are mold dimensions correct as designed? Record the actual dimensions.
4) Is material of mold component correct as designed?
5) Is hardness of mold component correct as designed?
6) Does ejection system move full stroke at injection and ejection directions?
7) Is the ejection pressure without part OK as customer request?
8) Is the ejection pressure with part OK as customer request?
9) Does ejection have noise when moving?
10) Does lifter have anti-rotation?
11) Is lifter shaft rod in good location and guidance?
12) Does parting line fitting well?
13) Are all wires protected and enclosed according to customer standard?
14) Does angle location plate fitting well?
15) Are wear plates presents on the sides?
16) Does slide work in correct position of injection and ejection direction?
17) Do angle pins have anti-rotation?
18) Is guide pin long enough to protect inside of mold?
19) Is one guide pin in offset?
20) Is there adequate venting on the mold?
21) Do handling holes realized on all mold plates as designed?
22) Does the mold lifting square?
23) Does cooling system work well as designed?
24) Does hydraulic system work well if applicable?
25) Does injection system work well? Hot runner drawings are available if applicable?
26) Is clamping force correct as designed?
27) Are water and oil circuits (if applicable) identifications clearly marked with number and IN/OUT?
28) Are water connection correct and in position as designed?
29) Are oil connections correct and in position as designed?
30) Are electrical connections correct and in position as designed?
31) Is mold identification plates present on the mold?

Check list of sample (part) is followed:

1)Is part free of flash?
2)Is part free of distortion during ejection?
3)Is the part free from ejector pin marks?
4)Is part free of damage?
5)Is there mismatch on part?
6)Is polishing on cavity surface OK?
7)Is polishing on ribs OK?
8)Is polishing on core surface acceptable?
9)Is part weight in tolerance?
10)Are flow lines or weld lines acceptable?
11)Are sink marks acceptable?
12)Is part sticking on cavity side?
13)Is wall thickness of part correct?
14)Does part has contamination?
15)Is marking present on part as per customer request?
16)Are part’s dimensions correct as per part drawing/ 3D CAD data? Part measurement report available?
17)Do parts have good packaging in carton before delivery?

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