Mold Technologies

Precision Injection Mold Technologies

COPAR uses highly advanced technologies to produce precision molded products suitable for every application.

Whether a part requires open/close molding or a complex mold split using unscrewing cores, COPAR has the experience to design and build molds that will serve their designed function.

Mold Technologies - Precision Injection Mold Technologies

COPAR is a Lebanese factory for plastic molds and mechanical engineering founded in 2005

In order to enhance customer satisfaction, grow business and produce a consistent quality product, COPAR decided to implement a quality management system conforming with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Services & Solutions


COPAR has developed a course program that instills operators with a maximum of specialist knowledge.


COPAR guarantees an excellent spare parts availability and very quick delivery time – worldwide.


COPAR’s technical customer service supports customers with questions regarding all kinds of errors or malfunctions.

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