Injection blow molding VS Extrusion blow molding

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Injection blow Molding VS Extrusion blow molding

Injection blow molding (IBM) is entirely different from extrusion blow molding (EBM).In EBM polymer is extruded from extruder in a pipe form (Parison) then this parison is pinched in mold and taken to blowing station. After blowing and cooling bottle is ejected from mold.

In IBM polymer is injected in the mold just like injection molding and then it is blown in a bottle. One can easily identify the difference by looking at the bottom of the bottle. If u see a circular dimple it means it is IBM and if u see a line at the bottom then it is EBM


                                                                           IBM      VS       EBM




  • Low initial mold tooling costs.
  • Flexibility of tooling; molds can accommodate interchangeable neck finishes.
  • Container sizes can range from less than 1 oz. to 55 gallons.
  • Container shape is not restricted; bottles can be long and flat or have handles.
  • Wide selection of machinery; tooling can be specifically geared to package volume requirements.


  • Containers have flash that must be trimmed and reclaimed.
  • Unit cost is significantly higher than injection blown bottles in less than 5 oz. capacity.
  • Operator skill is critical to control container weight and quality.




  • Scrap free process; bottles require no trimming operation.
  • Neck finishes are injection moulded (not blown) at a high level of accuracy.
  • Weight control is extremely precise and material distribution is uniform.
  • Unit cost is extremely low for small capacity containers (5 oz. or less).


  • High tooling cost.
  • No mold flexibility.
  • Not economical over 16 oz. capacity.
  • Container shapes limited to a blow-up ratio of 3:1 or less (diameter of container to diameter of neck finish).
  • Not well suited for handle ware.

                                                                                              EBM                                 VS                              IBM






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