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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA), sometimes referred to as FE, or FEM, is a computer simulation technique that allows any design product or equipment to be analysed in great detail to carry out a stress, vibration or heat transfer analysis and many other physical analyses.
FEA is one of several simulation and analysis software that can be used as a ‘standalone option’ or as a suite of analysis options, including CFD that the COPAR team use in developing and evaluating a product during the design process. Whilst it does add initial ‘upfront cost’ to the project , it will save time and money further ‘down-stream’ prior to prototype stage and during the design optimisation process. In some sectors FEA analysis can be a prerequisite to certification or validation.

The benefits of FEA

The benefits of incorporating FEA into the design process is that our designer engineers can verify that the product / equipment can be reviewed and will conform to a client’s performance criteria early in the design process.
Carrying out accurate and technically meaningful finite element analysis requires highly skilled and experienced engineers. Not only do we provide finite element analysis using the worlds most advanced FEA software, but all of our team constitute of qualified engineers with rare level of experience working on multiple high-performance sectors. Crucially, as a technology development and Design engineering solution company we work with our clients to optimize and deliver best fit solutions.

FEA Benefits Summarized

• Enhanced design and early evaluation of critical design parameters.
• Virtual prototyping.
• Fewer hardware which can be aligned to rapid prototyping.
• Efficient and less expensive design cycle.
• Increased productivity, and profit.
• Mitigating risk in design process
• A powerful visual tool to help our client understand
• A report can be produced as part of a quality control and audit process
• Maximize performance through material selection and positioning and cost efficiency
• Eliminate the risk of rework
** The simulation data output is only as good as the input data. At COPAR we have the engineering experience, expertise and caliber to identify and potential anomalies. We will cross check and carry out calculations to ensure the data output is correct. FEA is a key tool in the design process but not a ‘standalone’ solution

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