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Copar, a leading global manufacturer of molds and a worldwide service operator was established in 2005 and has been achieving success ever since.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing high precision Injection and high performance Extrusion Blow Molds.

In Injection We produce up to 2500 high precision cavities annually, and for extrusion blow molds of 300 cavities annually with maximum five liter capacity.

Our strong presence in the sectors of Personal Care, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, and Packaging goes to show to what degree our products are in high demand.

Copar is a multinational company that deals with global manufacturers all over the world, including Uddeholm/Assab Sweden, which provides us with the best Tool Steel.

Cooperating with global industry leaders for Hot Runner systems such as Husky, Yudo, Mold Master as well as Mastip.

Meusburger, Hasco and many others are our partners for mold accessories.

We have also managed to break from the traditional designing with our Conformal Cooling Molds, which are based on a shell-in cooling concept.

Our high precision Park machines imported from Europe and Japan ensure high precision and quality molds and facilitate the manufacturing process.

The “know how” didn’t come easy, if anything it’s the accumulation of years’ worth of experience.

We follow in the footsteps of external expertise that have already succeeded in the industry, and we plan on living up to the market’s expectations.

Training and continuous improvement are daily tasks for our team, for that we attend a lot of seminaries, exhibition and open houses to contributes to the development of our company.

We manage the production process from its early stages of development, its design, and finally its manufacturing, all to ensure that our customers demands are met.

COPAR is a Lebanese factory for plastic molds and mechanical engineering founded in 2005

In order to enhance customer satisfaction, grow business and produce a consistent quality product, COPAR decided to implement a quality management system conforming with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Services & Solutions


COPAR has developed a course program that instills operators with a maximum of specialist knowledge.


COPAR guarantees an excellent spare parts availability and very quick delivery time – worldwide.


COPAR’s technical customer service supports customers with questions regarding all kinds of errors or malfunctions.

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