Company Policy

Company Values

  • Utilizes extensive knowledge in the production of high quality products
  • Stands for integrity and honesty
  • Provides excellent customer service

Quality Policy

Copar’s QMS (quality management strategy) clearly defines effective ways in which customers’ quality expectations are met.

Product profitability and reliability are necessary to achieve the required quality standard.

QMS gives access to database of previously created molds and parts, which enables manufacturers to recreate the desired products for customers upon demand and without delays.

Our team adopts a lean manufacturing philosophy that ensures meeting the high quality demands of our customers regardless of the ordered quantity with very short delays and competitive prices.

Our QMS has improved our excellence by maximizing the production capacity, shortening cycle time, ensuring high precision molds with long service life, and providing professional service and support after delivery.

Services & Solutions


COPAR has developed a course program that instills operators with a maximum of specialist knowledge.


COPAR guarantees an excellent spare parts availability and very quick delivery time – worldwide.


COPAR’s technical customer service supports customers with questions regarding all kinds of errors or malfunctions.

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