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Prototype Mold

As its name suggests, a prototype mold is designed for the rapid production of prototypes classified as ‘right material’ and of small to medium series of plastic parts up to their thousands. This method was specially designed to economically and quickly produce samples, prototypes, and small series. The injected part properties are the same as with a series mold but the life span of the latter is reduced.

This rapid tooling consists of two mold bases and custom cavity plates. Only the cavity plates are machined, generally from aluminium or soft steel alloy.

What are the benefits of prototypes?

Prototypes provide many benefits to you. Everything from basic design to end-user satisfaction can be benefited by use of prototypes. Several of the benefits of prototypes include:

  • Early discovery of design problems
  • Estimate production costs, manufacturing time, and requirements for materials
  • Determine machinery necessary for production
  • Testing to determine fit and durability
  • Receive feedback from client and end-users/identify improvements
  • Determine final function and design
  • Aid in obtaining funding and investors

Plastic injection molding usually means relatively high costs and a long process so it’s important to understand when this method is best utilized and value for money. Prototype will ultimately appear as the bridge between your prototyping and mass production stages.



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